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General Rules

1 - Please stay reachable with your email address / account on forum / or discord server, so we don't have any trouble to contact you in case of issues.

Here is the link to the discord server: Click Me

2 - Be active in the forum - log in at least 2 times a week  

3 - There will be a blacklist a week before the deadlines of the projects where all those who still didn’t pass in their takes will be mentioned. Please check it and give in your takes as soon as possible or contact us if you need more time. Once the deadline is over and we did not receive anything from you, you will get one poke and will be replaced in that project.

Behaviour rules

1 - no insults

2 - no racism

3 - no pornography

4 - no religious discussions

5 - accept and tolerate each other

6 - treat each other peacefully and constructively

7 - no stan wars

Application rules

1 - Only register if you’re really interested and have plenty of time

2 - Sign in with your stage name

3 - You need a mic with an acceptable quality (no heavy noise)

4 - After signing up you are given one week to complete your application form otherwise your account will be deleted
You can find the form here: Click Me

5 - no playing dead in our forum (no inactive users)

Casting rules

1 - Please keep in mind that you’re not going to be casted everytime you apply

2- It’s also possible that you’ll be casted on someone else than your bias, please respect that

3 - Try to comply if another sample of your voice is needed

4 - Again, only apply for songs that you’re interested in and you can take the time for!

5 - No sabotaging by intentionally not doing your takes or delaying your submission (personal experiences)

6 - Meet the deadlines!


1 - Please notify our away section in advance if you’re going to be absent
Here you can open a thread : Click Me

2 - If you inform us after exceeding the deadline you will be replaced and receive a poke

3 - The earlier you tell us about your schedule the better it will be for both sides to continue planning

Submission rules

1 - Always send in your takes in full length (if it’s a 4-minute instrumental your takes also need to be 4 minutes long even if your lines end at 2:40 )

2 - Do not overlap your audio tracks - save them separately

3 - Same applies to high harms and low harms - also separately

4 - Name your takes as follows: Stagename_Title_Part.mp3 (e.g. Lady_Idol_Main.mp3)

5 - Try to accept constructive criticism -> retakes could be demanded

6 - Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

7 - You may also record live in Discord - for getting advices

8 - Please export your audio files either as mp3 or wav

9 - Your takes need to be partly timed to the instrumental (use the given one!)

Art rules

1 - Avatar should not be larger than 200x300px

2 - Signature should not be larger than 500x300px

3 - Not more than 2 pictures or 1 gif in your signature

4 - Pornographic pictures are not tolerated!


| Rules | Please read it BEFORE register! Pvgzyz75

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