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Erm... i have no idea what to do but I guess this is the way to sign up..

Stagename: Yuji
Nickname: V's wife Very Happy (JK! Just call me Yuji)
Age: 16
Birthday: 18 Jan 2002
Gender: Female
Hobbys: Listening to Kpop song / Sing / Dance / Play sports! (Anything but studying)
Ulti Bias:
Female - Yerin (GFRIEND)
Male - V (BTS)
Ulti Group: BTS

About me & K-Pop:
I know Kpop since I was Primary 5 and that was because my friends introduce me to Girls Generation! They were really the legend girl group! Slowly, I get to know Exo and Infinite and I started stanning them. Then, one day, I heard about Apink so I decided to check them out and tada! I decided to stan another group! 2015, I get to know Gfriend and BTS. That's when I decided to stan them and make them my fav group (till now!)

Bias: Yerin
Bias Wrecker: Sinb

Bias: V
Bias Wrecker: Jimin

Bias: Lisa
Bias Wrecker: Jisoo

Bias: B.I
Bias Wrecker: Bobby


I use earphone's mic (it's equally nice), I am currently saving to buy a snowball mic

Adobe Audition CC 2019 (updated recently)
Sony Vegas Pro 15

My skills:
I can do graphic / video mix.
My audio mix are still not that mastered yet.

I am happy all the time!
I am a social butterfly!
I can learn a certain song within a day.
I will not get angry easily.
I can makes nice jokes that no one ever laugh to it Smile

I am a bit clumsy.
I have a goldfish memory.
Sometime, I talk too much.
I don't sing as well as other people.
My love for Gfriend and BTS are a bit too much!

Sing & Mix:

Singing since:

Voice Range:
middle / low


Sing Samples: (Please ignore my failed rap!) (Lisa's part for collab) (J-Hope rap) (Suga's rap) (a full cover) Very Happy

Mixing since:

Mixing Experience:
2 years?

Programs: Adobe Audition

Audio-Mixing Samples:

Video Mixing since:

Mixing Experience:
3 years

Sony Vegas Pro 15

Video-Mixing Samples:

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