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Welcome to the K-Circle

What is the K-Circle?
We are a small community of kpop-fans that loves to sing and cover korean pop songs in the original korean language.

What is need to be a part of the K-Circle?
• First of all you need some singing experience or mixing experience. You can also attend as a mixxer, graphic mixxer or project leader if you are not interested in singing but helping in projects.

• It is also needed that you need a good microphone quality which has less sough effects as possible.

• A recording program like audacity is also a need, so you can record it clearly and save it as mp3 or wav files.

•  to be sociable, respectful and reliable.

• and of course having fun on working together on projects and sing!

How can I join?
• Register in this forum with your STAGENAME so we can regnorize you easily.

• Fill in the application form and post it in a new thread

• Wait until a team member answered and accept your application!

• You will get an Member-Film from the admin than, which you should link in your profile and also choose your MAIN position role.

Okey, I am now registered and got my memberfile ready - Whats next?

If we got a few members we will start to collect some ideas for projects in this thread. After the song-request-session time is over, there will be a survey and the best 3-5 songs will be start in the casting.

Casting? What does it mean?
Every project will have his own thread with some important informations on it and the member-cast that is needed. - you can only attend if you already complete your member file!

You can then answer on the threads you are interested in to be a part of the cast. It can be, that some samples are needed, if there are difficult parts or songs, but mostly the audio samples in your member-file should be good enough to show your voice skills.

the casting will have a Deadline. Till then you have time to apply for the song. After the DL, the cast will be created and the thread will be added in the record phase where the members that has been choosen can record now.

What should I do if I got problems while recording?
You can always ask the project leader or the team for help!

What will happen if I exceed a DL?
If you got any troubles with the DL please make sure to contact the project leaders or the team about it so they can give you more time. Privacy is always priority for us!
If you do not answer us, or giving any feedback on how its going.. than you will get a warning and a reminder.
-> If you answer on this and explain what is the matter - you can get more time for recording
-> If you do not answer or just doing dumb push alongs, than you will get a Poke! and will be replaced in this project.

A Poke? What it is?
No its not a Pokemon and you do not need to catch them all Very Happy Its better to avoid Pokes as much as possible.
Every time you do something wrong you get a Poke for it.

This are the things when you can get a Poke:

- exceed DL in recording / mixing / video mixing
- not answering after exceed DL (any phase)
- no contact over 2 weeks
- no activity
- unrespectful speechs
- replaced in a project

What will happen if I got a Poke?
- If you got more than 3 Pokes in  a Song-Session you will be banned for the next song-session and can not attend to any of this projects. This will also happen if you got 2 Pokes in replacing!!

- After every song-sessions the Pokes will be resettet to 0.

- People with less Pokes has a higher chance to cast than people who has a lot of pokes till then. Pokes = unreliable

What should I do if I do not have time in the next few weeks to record?
Please make sure to inform us about it in the Away Area. If you are back, just send an reply on your own thread, so the team can move the thread in the archiv.

Where can I contact the Team?
- You can always write a note in the Support Area

- You can also write an PN to us or contact us on the discord channel Smile

If you got any more questions, please be free to ask us about it!

We wish you much fun in the K-Circle ♥️

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